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Who invented “Algebra”

Algebra is the invention of a Muslim.In 820 AD,a Muslim mathematician,Muhammed Ibne Al Khwarzmi wrote a book “Algebra-wal-almuqabla.The first translation of this book was called “algebra”.Which was was published in Europe in latin which is the base of this subject.

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Smart homes

Smart homes means homes with facilities like electric control for home appliences like TV,Washing machines and more. There can be apps on your smartphones or other devices to control those things or electrical remotes. Which provides extra comfort sor the Owner of the house.

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KN-95 Masks for School kids.

So now when the schools are open it’s our duty to follow the SOP(Standard operating procedure) to do that our team is selling Special KN-95 Masks with 5 layers and rispiratery system with excellant filtration efficiency and still let you breathe smoothly.We can also Put your schools logo on it on request.Price is not that much,We are selling 250pkr per mask.

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Photography is taking pictures of certain things like people or places. Photography is skill which everyone can have there are many courses on the internet to learn how to take nice pictures and many people get jobs from it by taking pictures of other people and give them it can cost 2 to 3 dollar for one photo which is around 300 Pakistani rupees.Now lets talk bout some rules of photography (FILL THE FRAME/CROPPING).

If your background is not good so you you can crop it till your main subject so your main subject is in the focus.(DONT CUT OFF LIMBS)Basically do not keep it mind that your objects edges are not cropped and climbed.(RULE OF THIRDS).

The rule of thirds is one of the most of the basic rule of photography.It is all about dividing your shot into nine equal sections by a set of vertical and horizontal lines.(KNOW YOUR FOCUS).

You have to keep a second point of focus in your shots because the person who is watching will get bored.(THE BEST ANGLE).Finding the best angle is important you have to climb trees and walls to find the best Angle.

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Pros and cons of CS:GO

  • It has massive longetivity (I’ve already got 570 hours). There are hundreds of community servers with innovative gamemodes for you to try out.
  • Trading is an extra aspect to the game, and if you really put your heart into it, you can actually make money from selling cases/skins
  • Once you understand it, it is one of the best games to watch professionally
  • It’s very cheap

Cons – Reasonably steep learning curve, it may take a while to really start enjoying it

  • I guess this is like all games, but sometimes the community can be toxic. If you find a group to play with, then you’re ok
  • You may end up spending more money on the game for weapon skins, as they are nice :3
  • Sometimes the valve servers for csgo can be a bit dodgy, but they work most of the time. There’s always community servers
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1)PAINKILLER:Be invincble for five minutes

2)TOOLUP:get all important weapons

3)TURTLE:full health and armourfor character and vehicle

4)CATCHME:run faster

5)GOT GILLS:swim faster

6)HOPTOIT:Jump higher than normal(best to climb building)

7)BANDIT:Spawn a a BMX bike

8)OFFROAD:spawn sanchez ofroad biker

9)DEADEYE: Makes your aim better(best for missions like “The third way”)

10)COMET:Spawn super fast sports vehicle.